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Cuddling Positions That’ll Bring You Closer to Your Partner

While some couples live for cuddling, others save it for the bedroom. If you have a man, you’ll probably be the more active one in the bedroom, but don’t let that put you off! There are many different cuddling positions to try out and if you find one that works well, you’ll have an epic session on your hands! Listed below are some common cuddling positions and how to use them to bring your partner closer to you.

While you’re lying on the floor, the weight of your partner’s body on yours is soothing and grounding. It also signifies partnership and trust. If you’re feeling awkward about being in a spoon, try this cuddling position! Your partner’s weight on your chest is an equalizer and will help you to connect deeper with your partner. It also makes you feel more secure and close to your partner.

The spoon hug is one of the most iconic cuddling positions. When done right, couples feel a sense of safety and satisfaction. You may also feel a little protective, which is why it’s also known as the honeymoon hug. It’s popular at the start of a relationship, and you and your partner may find yourself in it all the time. If you’re not into spoon hugging, try these other positions instead.

The pancake cuddle is ideal for playful moods. Your partner will be distracted from sleep by your fluffy pancakes and you’ll both be enjoying the compression of each other’s bodies. This can be a great way to bring the two of you closer, regardless of the position you choose! There are plenty more ways to get cozy with your partner – and some of them don’t even require you to invade your partner’s space!

A face-to-face position is the most intimate of all. This position will allow you to see your partner’s eyes in a direct way, and will develop a special bond between you and your partner. This cuddling position is also the most romantic for couples. It also allows your partner to wrap their arms around you, which will make him or her feel extra protected. The “being small” cuddling position is a good choice for couch cuddling and communicating with your partner without using words.

If you’re more submissive, this position is the best option for you. This position is close enough to touch your partner’s lower back and cheeks, but not too close, making the whole thing feel claustrophobic. It’s also best for people who sleep on their backs. The spoon position is the most comfortable position to sleep on the bed and on a big couch. It gives you the freedom to kiss your partner and rub their thighs and butts.

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